Data cleaning made easy.

Visually build data cleaning processes using simple find and replace tools.


Data Cleaning-as-a-Service: Arriving Late 2016

Leverage Your Content Expertise

Build Taxonomies, Define Cleaning Rules and Run Your Cleaning Process

Define find and replace content

Using your deep content expertise, curate  list(s) of phrases and keywords that will be targeted for cleaning in your source data. Also, build a taxonomy to create relationships between phrases.

define cleaning rules

After building your list of phrases for cleaning and structuring, create a “flow” to define when and how they will be used. For each source data field, identify which phrase(s) you want parsed.

run process

Once your flow is built, operationalize it to clean and structure your source data. Run flows manually via single csv uploads, or use an API for a seamless app integration.


Taxonomy APIs: Arriving Late 2016

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